Tuesday, 11 July 2017

Sharing Is The New Black: Making Money On The Side Through Sharing Platforms

One of the industries that have definitely been growing recently has to be the sharing economy. The sharing economy refers to that kind of professions which allow people to either share their goods or services with others in need. The industry works on a demand-supply system, where people can ask for certain services and people out there can provide them. A brilliant system in place, and a great way to make money on the side too and focus on what you love doing best.

Ride Sharing
Sharing companies like Uber and Lyft are prime examples of what potential this growing industry possesses. These sharing professions are incredible ways to make money on the side as well. After all, it’s good to share! The company works on a simple policy, someone has a car, and if they can drive it, use it to drive others around. The reason why a job as a part-time Uber driver has become so popular is that of the flexible works hours. One can choose the hours and the days that they work, and even the number of rides that they wish to work for. It allows their drivers to have complete freedom while helping people get from one place to the other.

Home Sharing
The sharing industry with companies like Airbnb coming into the scene, almost anyone can take up a job with them. The plus factor of this is that these incomes don’t necessarily need to feel like jobs. For example, numerous people all over the world have begun renting out their homes through Airbnb and similar platforms. If you are someone who has a spare space on the side, no matter how small it might be, renting it out is a brilliant way to make some money on the side. People who rent out their homes can make anywhere between fifty to a thousand dollars per month, depending on some factors of course. Have a summer home somewhere on the outskirts of the city? Rent it out, because let’s face it, do you go there every weekend? If you don’t, then why not put it to good use and make some money on the side out of it instead.

Skill Sharing
TaskRabbit is another great way to make money as a side job. An average person offering their skills for something like TaskRabbit makes around forty dollars an hour. A site is a place where one can find almost anything, be it someone looking for a helping hand with some online research, or someone looking for a person in construction to do their home repairs. The site is a place where one can offer almost anything, and find someone who needs it.

Knowledge Sharing
Wyzant is another brilliant platform which people have been using to make money and pursue their goals. The site is based on an e-learning model, where people pay to learn from a teacher online. The site does not only ask for teachers for fundamental subjects like English and Math, but also for an abundance of other things like music lessons, cooking classes and even arts and crafts. WyzAnt is by far one of the largest platforms and has a large audience coming to it everyday in search of new teachers. Even if you have just a few hours per week, you can put it to good use and teach people from around the world using the expertise you have. 


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